Tuesday, January 17, 2006


On January 10th, the court system in Kara's area decided to attempt to reunite her with her mother.

If her mother does not comply with the counseling/educational requirements of the state, or allows her abusive father to have any contact with her during this period, they will reconsider terminating parental rights.

So at this time, Kara will continue to live in foster care and her mother will be granted visits.

Please pray for Chad and Michella. This must be a very difficult time of waiting.
Please pray for God's protection on Kara as well.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chad and Michella did not ask me to post this information, but I wanted to help. This is a special situation, and I felt the best way to communicate it was through this video (below).

It seemed like the best way to help you understand the story was to share a video with you that my church put together about 4 years ago. You can view their story below.

If you would like to post a word of encouragement to Chad and Michella, feel free to add a "comment"

Daniel Rudd

Important: I felt it was best to not share Chad & Michella's full name on this website. If you know Chad and Michella, please do not share any of their personal information in your comments.

Chad & Michella's Story (filmed in 2002):

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if you are having difficulty viewing these files you probably need to download a recent version of windows media player. (it's free)


Chad and Michella have been an encouragement to many people. God seems to always be working to bring something redemptive out of even the most difficult circumstances. I think it's amazing that Chad and Michella say that they would choose to go through the same thing again (even knowing the outcome).

It looks like this story is not over though...

This precious little girl is now seven years old. We've just found out that she has recently been removed from her home by the state that she lives in. It hasn't been a good situation for her. But there is a possibility that Chad and Michella may be able to bring her back to their family.

I can't think of anything that would be more beautiful than for God to bring this little girl home, and I can't think of a better place (or better parents for her).

Many are asking if there is anything they can "physically do" to help. At this point we just ask that you would pray, and invite other people to pray. Feel free to share this story with anyone.

If you would like to show Chad and Michella's story to your faith community or if you would like to talk to someone about spiritual things please contact me.